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Septic tank risers make maintenance easier

Septic tank risers make routine maintenance and troubleshooting your septic tank problems much simpler. It allows easier access for pumping your septic tank.


Septic tank risers range from concrete risers to polymer risers. Concrete risers are more durable, but can corrode over time. Polymer risers are lightweight and resistant to corrosion and are easier to handle.

Tamper proof risers

Installing a custom-fitted septic tank riser will save you money in the long run.

Benefits of septic tank risers:

• Eliminates the time and cost of having someone locate your tank

• In areas of hard ground, give easier access to tank

• Allows aboveground access to tank

• Easily locatable for septic tank pumping

Residential and commercial services

Our company services both residential and commercial septic tanks. We are fully licensed, bonded and insured for your protection.

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Septic tank risers seal surface water from entering your tank. They are tamper proof, and small children cannot tamper with the cover. They are made from durable material and blend in with the surroundings.

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