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Serving Skagit, Snohomish & Island Counties

Fast and competitively priced

No matter what type of system you have, whether it is gravity-powered or part of a more sophisticated pressure system, our family-owned and operated business has the skills and the tools necessary to take care of your septic tank cleaning needs fast.


Anyone who had a septic tank disaster will testify a small blockage or pump failure can quickly cause a sewage back-up. If a back-up reaches ground level, not even we can touch it. You would have to call a hazardous waste company from far outside the counties to clean it up, and they will charge you a premium for that privilege.

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Since 1960, our business has been built on our reputation of providing fast, dependable and friendly service at affordable prices. An important part of our service is educating our customers about their septic system and the dangers of not properly maintaining it.

Don't wait until a minor problem turns into a major one before getting your septic system professionally cleaned.

Complete septic tank cleaning includes:

• Complete waste removal up to 3,200 gallons

• Reduced odor with our deodorizing pump

• Quick service - most pumping take only 30 to 45 minutes

• Accurate bearing on your lost septic tank with our electronic locator

• Service to large acreages and rural homesteads

• Over 150 feet of hoses

• A complete baffle check and available replacement for

  every cleaning

• 2 kinds of certification for the Skagit County Department of Health

• Service record reports

• Continued health and improvement of your system

Help when you need it

If you are experiencing slow flushing, no flush or unpleasant odors from the direction of where your septic system lays, call us right now. We are only minutes away!

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