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It is important to have your septic system regularly inspected throughout its life to find minor problems before they become major ones. Human health and safety regulations require an inspection of your septic system every 3 years for a gravity system and every year for a pressure system.


A septic system failure can be considered an environmental hazard that can contaminate well and ground water supplies.

Quickly and without fuss

Shawn and Mindy are the proud owners who serve Skagit, Snohomish and Island Counties, WA.

Septic inspection services include:

• Mandated by law and important to maintain the life of your

  septic system

• Scheduled for every 1 year in the case of pressure systems

• Comprehensive - all aspects of your pressure system are

  inspected - alarms, electrical and pump systems included

• Money savers - tank repairs and  hazardous waste cleanups

  can cost several hundreds or thousands of dollars. A regular

  inspection by Johnny's Septic Service Inc., will save you that

  money and keep your system in legal working order

• Followed by recommendations for service, if required

Call before it is too late

Don't wait until you are faced with a costly problem. Have our professionals to perform regular inspections of your septic tank to spot minor problems and take care of them promptly.

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Our company performs inspections quickly and without fuss. In the unfortunate event that we find an issue which we think may cause you a problem down the road; we'll help you find a path to fixing it, including a FREE estimate if the issue is within our capabilities.

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